About Integrated Information Systems

Our Mission

At Integrated Information Systems, our mission is to provide our customers with intelligent communication and security solutions that are application-centric and fully integrated.  Our customers want powerful yet simplistic solutions designed around their specific needs. We believe success is based on understanding your business. IIS solutions are custom tailored to your business and environment, allowing you to focus on your mission.


IIS security solutions are designed to protect our customers and their assets.  Our solutions are carefully designed around leading practices and include policy review and creation, intrusion prevention, surveillance, network video recording, access control and communication systems.


IIS offers instructional technology solutions that solve educational challenges facing students and teachers in local or distance learning environments. These instructional solutions promote teaching and learning while maximizing communication and interactivity.

Audio/Video and Control

An IIS solution encompasses all aspects of audio and video integration, including environmental controls.  Even the most sophisticated solutions are designed for ease of use.  Whether your business is presenting in the classroom, the conference room, the boardroom, the briefing center, or the auditorium, we have the systems, processes and tools that help you deliver.  By taking time to properly assess and plan, our solutions are designed with the future in mind.  We deliver infrastructure and applications that meet your current needs while providing a foundation for future growth, which allows a greater return on investment.

Information Technology

Today‚Äôs audio, video, and security applications are typically network based, adding the benefits of centralized management and leveraged infrastructure.  However, by integrating AV and security infrastructure into existing networks, there is a layer of simplicity added to the solution.  Audio, video, and security solutions are generally characterized as niche markets which are often sold and supported by traditional AV integrators or security companies.  At IIS, our expertise in audio, video, and security is enhanced by our experience and background in networked data systems.  IIS is highly experienced in relevant information technology areas, enhancing our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Instructional Interactive Technology for 21st Classrooms

IIS has developed strong relationships with the education community. We offer customized innovative solutions by providing teachers with instructional tools that help energize, engage and assess student learning.

IIS is operating in our tenth year.  Our executive management team has decades of industry experience and a shared vision for supporting our customers and employees, while doing what we love to do.  IIS has unparalleled experience in delivering integrated information systems.  At IIS, we deliver projects in a repeatable yet customized manner.  Our business has grown by delivering quality solutions with a tireless commitment to customer satisfaction.  We understand the importance of our customers and focus on creating long-term relationships.

Our success is measured by your satisfaction.  Give us a call today at 919-488-5000.