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An Integrated Information Systems (IIS) solution encompasses all aspects of integration, from design to installation, to meet your needs. We custom design even our most sophisticated solutions with ease of use and your best interests in mind.

Infrastructure and Networking

Network infrastructure is the backbone of modern businesses, educational facilities, and virtually any other commercial environment. We are experienced and knowledgeable in network cabling that brings devices together, including all CatX cable standards, single- and multi-mode fiber, and wireless connections and even legacy coaxial solutions.

At IIS, our expertise in audio, video, and security is enhanced by our experience and background in networked data systems. Today’s audio, video, and security applications are generally network-based and allow for the benefits of centralized management and leveraged infrastructure. IIS is highly experienced in relevant information technology areas, enhancing our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Video Surveillance

In this ever-changing world, the importance of video surveillance is greater than ever. Our video surveillance solutions combine the most advanced camera technology with the best video management systems on the market.

The purpose of video surveillance often extends far beyond security, especially as analytic and AI capabilities expand. Camera systems can be used to improve or monitor productivity, maintain a safe workplace and customer environment, provide training and educational information and much more!

Integrated Information Systems, Inc.


Whether you are making a presentation in the classroom, conference room, boardroom, briefing center, or auditorium, we have the systems, processes, and tools that will help smoothen the process further. We take our time to properly asses and plan our solutions with foresight. We focus on delivering infrastructure and applications to meet your current needs while providing a foundation for growth.

Memberships & Accreditations

  • Avixa CTS
  • Axis Communications ACP
  • Extron XTP Technician & Engineer
  • Extron Control Specialist & Professional
  • IPConfigure Orchid Fusion VMS
  • and many more!
Integrated Information Systems, Inc.